Outdoor Porcelain pavers

perfect for gardens and high-traffic outdoor areas
Anti slip rating comes in the form of an ‘R’ rating. R stands for “ramp test”. The tiles you see on our other pages are R9 which are most common type of surface in market. But we also provide R10 and R11 surfaces as they are becoming a new norm for outdoor areas. Below you can browse through catalogs of our 2 cm porcelain pavers range. Recently we started to offer 3cm thickness option as well. See the FAQ section.
60x90x2cm is our most selling porcelain pavers in Western European market.
Oldest 2cm format we produce. Regular porcelain (non-colored body) available for economic price
Our largest 2cm format. A perfect rectangle with complementing 1 cm option available.
Any design from below catalogs are available in 60x90x2cm, 60x120x2cm and 60x60x2cm
2 cm Porcelain Pavers General Catalog
Design specific flyers
Belagio Series
Beside Series
Esprit Stone Series
Inox Series
Kota Stone Series
Ellora Series
Irish Flakes Series
Andesite Series
Duke Series
Hazel Stone Series
Kalahari Series
Sea Stone Series
Sonara Series
Venice Stone Series
Axix Series
Berkeley Series
Cementino Series
Crossover Series
Eclips Series
Geneva Tan Series
Hauwon Series
Icarus Series
Monolith Series
Pacific Series
Revoke Series
Rosata Series
Rough Bruno
Sinatra Series
Tango Series
Travertino Rapolano
Tresor Series
Verso Series
ViatamGold Series

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a technical challenge to make 3 cm pavers in existing Indian tile factory layout. Advantage of 3 cm outdoor pavers is they DON’T need a reinforcement backing. But for most user cases a 2 cm outdoor tile is sufficient. It is economical for production and logistics. Considering these facts, we have started offering few ranges in 3 cm thickness option. Please have a look at the picture and contact us to find which collections are available in 3cm option.

Higher R rating provides better anti sleep properties. But anything above R11 surface are unacceptable in India, Singapore or other Asian markets. As R12 and R13 tiles are not easy to clean. However R11 surfaces are regarded as safe installation even for wet areas. So unless it is specified somewhere, feel free to use R11 rated tiles for outdoor installations.

Pendulum test for slip resistance

When it is about tiles for outdoor application, the more random faces it has the better! So we try to make enough variations across the tiles to make it more natural in outdoor settings. E.g. our new Kota Stone 2 cm paver series have 25 random faces!

Ask for real picture of any design displayed on this website !