Full body (Technical Porcelain)

Technical porcelain tiles are robust enough to withstand tests of time
Even before we had ink-jet technology, we used to supply full body porcelain to projects across the world. With constant feedback from clients, we have refined our full body range and offer 2 sizes as below. Both sizes are available in Satin, Polished and Rustic (punch) surface options.
Rectangle full body of choice. Thickness options are 8.5 mm and 9 mm.
8, 9 and 16 mm thickness options available.
We have a kit of samples (cut size) available to feel the surface of these full body tiles. Contact us to get it by DHL.
Full body 60x60cm General Catalog
Full body 60x120cm General Catalog
Full body 60x60cm with 16mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer full body tiles in 30×120 cm (for steps) and 20×120 (for risers). Some clients also ask us to cut the 60×60 to half for projects. We do provide this service at actual cost.

By nature full body tiles need to look same (from surface to bottom). So it is not supposed to be printed unlike our PGVT collection

From years of experience, we have included most selling full body tiles. However if you want to customize a full body tile, it maybe possible subject to MOQ.

If you are specific about stain resistance, we suggest you to use our satin finish full body tiles. As you can see in our catalogs all designs are available in polished finish, satin matt finish and rustic matt finish

Ask for real picture of any design displayed on this website !