Working with leading DIY stores across continents gave us immense experience with different types of packing required for porcelain pavers.
For regular format PGVT as well, we have the right way to handle the new formats and the way they are packed in pallets.
2cm 60×90
60x90x2cm (24″x36″x0.8″)
1 piece
per box
0.54 m2
per box
40 boxes
per pallet
30 pallets
per container
648 m2
per container


For different sizes of tiles we have fine tuned the loading methods.
Some client had difficultly handling the pallet with standard pump truck (pallet jack)

Our team figured out optimum thickness of wood base which do not interfere the lifting of pallet by a manual (hand operated) pallet truck. See the picture. This is really helpful to retail shops / end users.
For 60×120 cm size loading, after a series of experiments we learned that right way to make pallets of this size is to use a 750 mm x 1260 mm (29.50 inch x 49.50 inch) size pallet base.
This size is little smaller then euro pallet size (800 x 1200 mm). But in case of Euro pallets we can only arrange 2 raws inside a container.
So we reduced the width of Euro pallet size to 750 mm to accommodate another raw inside container and save logistic cost for customers ! (FYI: This special pallet loads 32 boxes).
The same way we have optimized loading patterns for all the tile sizes we make.