Porcelain Tiles

Glazed porcelain tiles – Versatile and most selling tiles from india
Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) and Polished GVT (PGVT) are our main line of products. Please click on desired size options below to open tab for PDF catalogs. Packing and loading information available here.
White Designs Glossy Finish
Glossy Finish Volume – 1
Glossy Finish Volume – 2
Glossy Finish Volume – 3
Matt with Punch Surface Vol – 1
Matt with Punch (Wood) Vol – 2
Regular Matt Surface Collection
Terrazzo with Carving Surface
High Gloss Collection Vol 1
High Gloss Collection Vol 2
High Gloss and Bookmatch
Endless Marble Glossy Collection
Book-match Glossy Collection
Carving Matt Surface Vol 1
Carving Matt Surface Vol 2
Pixel Series
Glossy finish
Matt Finish
White (Light) Marble Collection
Grace Collection
Carving Matt Surface
High Gloss Collection
Gleam Collection
Kosma Collection
Vibrant Collection
Glossy finish
Matt Finish
White Marble Collection
Terrazzo Collection
Wood Look Matt Surface
Book-match Collection
3D Look Designs
Glossy finish
Matt Finish Volume – 1
Matt Finish Volume – 2
Satin Matt Surface
Carving Matt Surface
White Marble Collection
Onyx Family Marble Collection
Wood Look Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As per requirements, we also cut PGVT tiles in formats like 30×60 cm, 30×120 cm (steps) etc. Inspired by good response for assorted PGVT size options, we have recently prepared a nice collection of cut size PGVT tiles.

We decide the number of faces per design in such a way that it don’t look overkill for that specific design. We have uploaded a sample PGVT collection where you can see that we have average 12 random faces for each design. Please contact us to get the random faces of the PGVT design of your choice.

We have database of many designs which are not published in catalogs (as if we do that the files will become huge!). So just send us a picture of your interested design and chances are there we will have that already.

60×60 and 60×120 cm are our our regular production sizes. We produce each size for approx 2 weeks. So e.g. you placed order for both sizes we can deliver it in 3 weeks. For delivery time for cut size tiles (such as 30×60 PGVT) please contact our sales team.

Yes. Actually PGVT tiles are recommended over other materials (such as wood, vinyl etc). Heat up time for PGVT tiles is quick. So it provides fast heat up.

YES. Recently we have started to offer DCOF slip rating for the clients who require it. The DCOF slip rating is relatively new (in existence since 2012). DCOF stands for Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction. The DCOF rating is ONLY suitable for matt GVT tiles, used indoor. It is not for outdoor tiles. For outdoor tiles we already offer R11 surface which are very rough in nature. Here is a video on how the rating is performed on porcelain tiles.

Ask for real picture of any design displayed on this website !