Indigres - Indian Grès Porcelain

Competitive pricing

Our team is always a click away to offer you most competitive pricing in the market

Customised designs

A team of designer is here to make a customised design as per your market.

Speedy deliveries

With help of fine tuned production schedules we can manage urgent orders. Which is advantages over your competitors.

OEM friendly

Want your own brand boxes? We do that already for many others and can do for you too.

Get assurance before you order !

In the era of price war the most trade-off happen in quality (mainly tile body to reduce the costs). Make sure you ask our team latest technical reports to satisfy yourself before you order.

Ask for latest lab report

  • Indigres was our first supplier from India 3.5 years ago and we are happy with the polished products we have received so far. Their service is very fast and handled any issues in timely manner.
    Nina Samkharadze
    Import and Logistics Manager
  • In 2012 I was searching for new tile suppliers from India and I begin business with Indigres. Since then it has always been a smooth experience. I have never expected such personalised sales support from Indian companies at that time.
    Christos Georgitzikis
    Sales agent