About Us

Indigres™ is a saga of achievement in tiles industry. Our brand name is inspired by our focus on Indian Grès Porcelain category.

Begun during "pre-digital printing" era, Indigres™ is now symbol of utmost trust when the concern is for right quality at the best price. Our team have extensive experience supplying tiles globally.

The company started with 30x60 cm wall tiles much before the "digital printing technology" was introduced. One by one new sizes were introduced and currently Indigres serves wide range of tiles ranging as under...- Small tiles in 3 sizes 10x20 cm, 10x30 cm & 20x 20 cm

- Wall tiles 30x60 cm (We control the flatness of tiles)

- Color body tiles in size 60x60 cm

- Full body WHITE (60% whiteness value) tiles in size 60x60 cm

- PGVT tiles 60x60 cm & 80x80 cm.

So, why Indigres™?

There has been many instances in our past where we have given more importance to the relation over business. We will strive to extend the same relation with you. We invite you to be a part of ever growing Indigres™ family where we value the commitment more then anything else.

Apartfrom this our experienced team can manage your orders and shipments very well so that you can focus on your business.

There is no other secret behind the considerable success of Indigres brand in international market. It revolves around 3 Cs:

Credibility - Providing credible and quality products to our clients.

Consistency - in each dealing with our clients

Clarity - in doing business with our clients

…what should you do next?

Once you have a look at this website please don’t forget to just say hello! via email / message / call to the contact details provided. So we can send you more details, price quotation and samples.

During your next visit to Morbi you are invited to quickly check our 3000 square feet display center